Affordable housing:

Lack of affordable housing is a national crisis. With home ownership out of reach for many families and the cost of rent going up, the threat of homelessness is an ever-growing concern. Working with developers and all levels of government and their agencies to access solutions and create partnerships to build more homes will allow more families to move into our community and create security in Ramara’s future.


Investing in transit solutions is a major source of economic stimulus in municipalities. By improving productivity, reducing gridlock and attracting businesses, public access to transportation solutions  contributes to a healthier environment by improving air quality and reducing oil consumption and individual costs at the pumps.


Installation and operating costs are excuses we are tired of hearing from service providers unwilling to expand their internet services in Ramara. By continuing to source federal and provincial grants, and  develop relationships with internet service providers, I will continue to work on connecting the missed areas of the township with high-speed internet.


Growth in Ramara is vital for economic sustainability. Developing and building on policies that protect the rural landscape, help preserve open space, protect air and water quality, provide places for recreation, safeguard agricultural lands and create tourist attractions that bring investments into the local economy, is key in discussions with developers wanting to invest in Ramara.

Food Security:

Food security is the ability to access a sufficient quantity or variety of food, or the uncertainty that one would be able to do so because of financial constraints, and is an established marker of material deprivation in Canada. Over 1.8 million households in Ontario experienced food insecurity last year alone, an estimated 9.7% increase in food costs in the first quarter of 2022, and less than 16% of households living in rural Ontario are within 1KM of a grocery store. My vision of a barrier-free and readily accessible program free from societal judgment includes supporting the creation of the seed library. I also envision community gardens, food pantries, classes and expanding the Good-Food Box program.